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The Directors have decided to review the Foundation’s Program Areas and Guidelines to ensure that the family’s philanthropic principles and values are being accurately reflect. While this review is underway no new proposals will be accepted and no new grants will be awarded. Please check on this website for updates. Any new or revised Guidelines be posted once the review is complete.

Our Founders

Our Founders were deeply committed and involved citizens of Baltimore. They served on numerous boards and supported many organizations. The Foundation remains conscious of their interests, but realizes that it cannot have an impact if it makes grants in too many areas. Therefore it has adopted the following guidelines and restricts its grantmaking to the following area:

Baltimore Communal Giving

To improve the lives of Baltimore residents by supporting efforts to improve quality public education, funding workforce development and job opportunity programs and addressing basic needs.

Guidelines for Baltimore Communal Giving

We believe that if all people can recieve a quality education they can more fully participate in the civic life and contribute to the economic growth of the community with the long term effect of addressing social inequities. The foundation seeks to increase Baltimore residents’ access to quality education by supporting education at all levels and for all ages including programs that enhance public educational opportunities and vocational and job training programs. Recognizing that obtaining an education is difficult in times of crisis, the foundation also supports programs that provide housing, healthcare and other basic needs for Baltimore’s most vulnerable residents in order to provide a pathway to educational opportunities.

Examples of Organizations Receiving Baltimore Communal Giving Grants:

Civic Works

Weatherization crew works on energy efficiency.


Urban Teachers

Urban Teacher Center resident, leading students in a classroom lesson.


Caroline Center

Caroline Center graduate, strengthening Baltimore one great woman at a time.