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The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation  

About Us

About Us

When Fanny Blaustein Thalheimer died in 1957, the State Superintendent of Schools wrote “...Kindly in spirit, gracious in manner, intelligent and liberal in thinking, generous in nature, and well disposed toward public institutions and to all institutions devoted to the uplifting of mankind...she had a deep sense of civic and personal responsibility. She devoted the major part of her life and her efforts to those institutions and causes that help man realize his higher self.”

When Alvin died in 1965, a Sun Editorial stated “any community is fortunate to have him in its midst.  He and his wife...formed such a combination as this State may never see again, but of both of them may be written the finest tribute there is – that the world was better because they had passed through it.”

The Foundation was created through the will of Fanny Blaustein Thalheimer, who died in 1957 at the age of 62. Both Alvin and Fanny were born and raised in Baltimore.  She was the daughter of Louis and Henrietta (Gittelsohn) Blaustein.

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Louis B. Thalheimer, President
Marjorie Coleman, Vice-President
Rebekah Coleman
Josh Wachs
Deborah T. Long

Since its inception, the Directors have been members of the larger Blaustein Family.  For almost 60 years the Directors have been and continue to be direct descendants of the original donors, Alvin and Fanny Thalheimer.

Financial Statement
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Juliet A. Eurich, Executive Director
Rebecca Sirody, Grants Manager

6225 Smith Avenue, Suite B100
Baltimore, Maryland 21209
Phone: 410-415-7660
Fax: 410- 580-9250
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Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation
6225 Smith Avenue, Suite B100, Baltimore, Maryland, 21209